For those who desire a deeper commitment than the Level Up Club, we offer ALL IN.  


The thing about how someone becomes a Doctor. They do so through a very prescribed method of learning and integration. 

The problem with Personal Education is that is offered in a pick it when you need it fashion. That means you have already gone off course.  

ALL IN is for those who want to avoid the loss of motivation and drive.  

Think of it as GLC University!! 

 A complete study and skills for life, with accountability, coaching, and immersion. 

 ALL IN includes EVERY LIVE and VIRTUAL event we do AND anything new we add. All at a fraction of the cost.  


You receive: 

  • Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier. $199 
  • Design Your Life. $1999 
  • Leader Within Weekend. $999 
  • Attain Any Goal. $399 
  • Firewalk Breakthrough $399 
  • And, the ALL NEW Breakthrough Coach Certification. $2999 

In addition, GLC University our Virtual Seminars 

  • The Level Up Club (And all the bonus added)  
  • One-year access to our Sunrise Challenge Meditation Series. Both live and archived. $388 value.  
  • NLP Level One Certification - $599  
  • Hypnosis Level One Certification - $599 
  • Enlighten Soul: Life, Relationship, and Sex - $599 
  • Advance Coaching Skills (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 
  • Mentoring Coaching (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 
  • Get You To Launch – Coaching Launch Program - (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 


With ALL IN who are COVID PROOF, guaranteed a ticket to your event even pass your one year.  

You will also receive access or tickets to ANY NEW EVENT added within your year. 

ALL IN is only 12 monthly installments of $299