Looking for the ultimate breakthrough experience?


Are you a coach, trainer, teacher of personal development, energy worker, seeking to bring powerful physical metaphors to your clients?


Or maybe you want to push yourself to see what you’re really made of.


Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is unlike anything you have ever done before. Four solid days of firewalking, board and brick breaking, snapping arrows and bending rebar with your throat, and a whole lot more. Each activity pushes you more, challenges you greater, until the very end when you will walk 108 firewalks in a row!!!


Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is a certification training. So you will not only participate in the activities, but you will learn how to safely and confidently facilitate them to anyone. Our Master Firewalk Instructors, who are the world’s best trained in the science and art of  firewalking, will lead you, train you and guide you the entire four days and beyond.


Now you can become a Firewalking Institute of Research and Education Certified Firewalk Instructor! The most recognized and respected certification in world. With this status, you will have all the skills needed to generate additional income while helping people at the same time. Whether you are a speaker, a corporate trainer, a life coach or just an individual that wants to get to the next level, this course is one you simply cannot afford to miss. This in-depth program will teach you everything you need to know to enhance your current program or life and get it running more efficiently than ever before.

Bonuses that come along with the Firewalking Instructor Training:


  • 1 Year Free Repeat!
  • F.I.T. Mentoring Program
  • International​ Firewalking Federation