Learn How to Use Your Mind for Success​

We often feel "stuck," or maybe we are not living to our highest potential. Will power is inefficient. Therapy takes forever. So how can you help yourself to change rapidly with lasting success?


Learning NLP and Hypnosis can help you to achieve your very best.


NLP consists of several different processes- modeling, linguistics, reframing, programming, and beliefs. NLP also assists individuals in gaining more control over their own subjective experiences by recognizing the various components of neurological systems within themselves.


Hypnosis is a powerful way to rewire your subconscious mind and bypass the consciousness that seems to detail us.

We offer two certification courses, NLP Level One and Hypnosis Level One conducted by NLP Trainer Joe White.


NLP Level One Certification September 11 - 12, 9 am - 6 pm (ET)


Hypnosis Level One Certification January 16 - 17, 9 am - 6 pm (ET)


NLP and Hypnosis are complementary and create a powerful combination when used together. 


NLP helps you find out your limiting beliefs, get rid of them and rebuild yourself with positive thoughts. Hypnosis changes the way your subconscious mind works so you can achieve success faster than before.


That is why we are offering the SUPER TICKET. Each certification course is $499 but with the SUPER TICKET, you can attend both the NLP and Hypnosis Certification for only $799.


We are offering both certifications as live and virtual training at the same time. The courses will be Livestreamed. Although you will receive the same training and have the ability to interact with Joe, we highly encourage you to attend the live for the easy ability to work on the skills you are learning during the class experience.


For all students, you will have lifetime access to the training on-demand videos to deepen your skills and for an invaluable resource.


Both certifications are excellent for anyone who wants to achieve more in their lives, along with life coaches, trainers, speakers, teachers, parents, healers, and leaders.