There is nothing worse than feeling stuck and trapped, knowing what you want to change but not knowing how to change. It becomes more and more frustrating that no matter what you do it feels as if you are just spinning your wheels. You have tried to change, but you get pulled back to old patterns and old ways of thinking. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. You know you deserve better; if you could just find a way.


Now there is a way for you to create the life you deserve – Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier.


Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier is our cornerstone program that continues to be the transformation seminar that has changed lives for a decade.


Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier is the seminar in which you will break through what is keeping you from the life you want and deserve. You will take back control of your life by changing your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and actions.


Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier is more than one of those motivational seminars that gives you a lot of information but leaves you with little lasting change. At Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier, you not only break through your barriers but you will also leave the seminar with a set of tools to “coach” yourself. 


What will my experience at Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier be like?

Breaking Through The Barrier is an “immersion seminar” where you should expect a fun, dynamic, interactive learning experience complete with music, videos and activities. Studies have shown that participants of this style of seminar learn and retain 90% more of the content taught. This allows for compressed learning, which is where you can learn in 1 day what would take days or months in traditional lecture type of seminars. 


Breaking Through The Barrier generally has 12-25 people, ranging from all age groups, genders, ethnicity, and reasons for attending. 


Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier focuses on three major components of change:


  • First
    Gain an understanding of why we do what we do. By learning and demystifying why we do what we do, you become better equipped to navigate your life. ​
  • Second
    To identify and free yourself of your limiting beliefs and fears. This is the heart of Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier. Where other seminars talk about letting go of these things, at Breaking Through The Barrier, you will let go of them THAT DAY.
  • Third
    the secret to why so many participants change their lives at Breaking Through The Barrier. The secret is to prepare yourself, both emotionally and mentally for success. This is the integration of new and empowering beliefs and the creation of a strategic plan to live and build upon day after day. 
  • The final part of Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier is the powerful metaphor that will anchor your new and empowering beliefs into your identity.
    Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier is the day in which you let go of the past and build the life of your dreams. In an incredible, supportive and safe environment, you will push past the barriers that have been preventing you from the happiness and fulfillment you want and deserve.